Tack Verification is a Quebec City company specializing in the verification of electronic systems. Our services are oriented around our test sequencer to bring a new perspective on the world of verification and validation.



Our primary mission is to awaken small and medium businesses on the usefulness of a test executive, just as we have been in the past!

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We're often asked...

What is your expertise ?

We're experts in the verification of electronic systems; especially in the automation of production tests.

We're here for you to reach your full-production quality and volume goals.

What is the verification of systems?

It is the quality assurance to ensure the integrity and operation of each of the systems you produce. Our post on the subject explores the question in more detail.

What do you mean by electronic systems?

We specialize in the analysis and testing of printed circuit boards (PCBs) as well as the verification of the systems that they compose.

Present from design to success

Our expertise integrates right from the development phase of your product

The sooner we're there, the more* you save

Product Lifecycle Steps
Our contribution

* Less expensive in cash, time, dissatisfied customers and stress.

1. Design advice

In this phase, the design of your product is evolves constantly. This is the perfect time for us to advise you; we're able to detect testability flaws in the design and guide you in their correction.


Such an approach allows us to accelerate the development process of the test bench and, above all, to maximize your future production capacity.

2. Testbench implementation

When this phase has been reached, you have functional prototypes and are able to produce systems with a lot of manual effort. It is essential that you transfer production out of the hands of your R & D team. It will its hands full validating and ensuring that the product meets the requirements. 


It is at this point that we can automate the verification of systems from a thorough analysis of the product's interfaces. Automation allows you to greatly increase the return on investment in development.


The development of the test bench can be done in parallel with the validation so that your product is on the market as soon as possible, and this, with an absolute confidence in its quality.

3. Continuous improvement & support

Production now runs at full speed and you have a functional test bench. The objective now is to improve the production capacity and to make sure to support possible updates.


We are able to optimize your test bench after a critical point analysis, in order to increase the quality of the production all while increasing its speed.

Each case is unique. We'd be happy to learn about yours !