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Enablers of electronics manufacturing intelligence

Simply put, we're just two guys on a quest to build the best manufacturing intelligence platform for electronics.

We've seen first-hand over our combined 20 years in the industry what works and what doesn't and spent the last 2 years applying ETL and BI solutions to problems specific to the electronics industry. We've realized that this expertise and toolkit is not something most companies have and we personally know how costly it is to try and test such solutions. And so we've decided to share our knowledge with companies like yours through open-source, consulting and partnerships.

Jean-Dominique Gagnon

Cofounder and V&V expert

An expert in systems verification, Jean-Dominique now has more than 15 years of experience in electronic systems development and manufacturing including 6 as a manufacturing quality team lead. His knowledge is a great complement to your in-house experts !


William Laroche

Cofounder and technical director

An expert in Python and a proponent of data engineering, William has 9 years of programming experience and is passionate about clean and testable software architecture. Paired with his electronics background, his knowledge gives a new meaning to full-stack developer; from bare-metal electronics to web interfaces.

By choosing us, you don't simply get another BI agency, or another ETL agency; you get electronics-specific knowledge and tools that are already battle-tested on production lines similar to yours. And through partnership programs and government-backed funding, we strive to develop advanced artificial intelligence models and predictions using your very own data.

Our mission is to give electronics manufacturers the power to truly understand and optimize their production line.

TackV enables intelligence for electronics-manufacturing companies.

Our aim is to facilitate access and understanding of the production line information by all stakeholders, leading to increased velocity and reduced costs linked to quality control and operations optimization.

From Quebec City, Canada.

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