Enablers of electronics manufacturing intelligence

We transform electronics production line data into manufacturing intelligence in order to 

Avoid costly quality deviations

Enable healthy growth of manufacturing capacity

Increase team efficiency and fun

Have you ever had to recall produced systems because of an undetected quality deviation ?

We've personally encountered cases where this amounted to more than 100k$ in costs.

Do you struggle to trace the cause of quality deviations ?

Complex production lines implies complex root cause graphs which are incredibly hard to manually analyze.

Chances are, the answers lie in your PRODUCTION DATA

Avoid costly quality deviations

How great would it be 

to receive an alert when an anomaly is detected ?

to pinpoint the root cause of a profit-eating quality deviation ?

Using electronics-specific models and artificial intelligence, we provide
statistical and predictive analysis of your production line. 

We transform electronics production line data into manufacturing intelligence
 so that you may better understand your production line.

We can help you if:

You manufacture electronic systems

You have an active production line generating data (but it is hard to access)

You wish to take your manufacturing to a next level to sustain growth or promote agility

...But not if:

You manufacture electronic semiconductors or non-electronic systems

You are happy with your manufacturing process and data accessibility (or lack of)

If you fit, read on !

What we do

You may or may not have heard of the term Data "ETL": Extract Transform Load. It's a relatively old concept that describes the process of extracting data from one source, transforming it, and then loading it in a destination. More broadly, we may refer to the term "Data Engineering".


Disparate Data Sources

Data Warehouse

Well, that's what we do; albeit with one strong caveat: we strongly specialize in electronics data. In fact, we only help companies that manufacture electronics, but it sometimes happen we help with data engineering in other aspects of the company.

The massive added value (to ETL) we provide comes from our strong understanding of electronics,

paired with developed and tested algorithms  
that operates on this type of data.

We also deal with Business Intelligence tools (BI). We are able to create dashboards of performance indicators for you. Moreover, instead of having built our own platform, we use a commercial BI platform to allow your team to freely explore the data we integrate and create stunning dashboards and reports.

From disparate data to automated dashboards 

How we do it

Our offer includes both our proprietary algorithms and a personalized service to integrate your data to our ecosystem. We say "our", but in fact, we deploy the data pipeline to your very own Google Cloud Platform project. This means very limited lock-in with our software and your engineering team can freely control how to expand your pipeline.

Over the course of a contract with us, your data is integrated and transformed, your BI stack is setup using Cluvio and custom and proprietary pipelines are connected to your data. If you already use a BI tool, there are no issue using it instead of Cluvio.

Our existing models, algorithms and visualizations

Custom Models

Custom Pipeline

Live Data Integration

Custom-built pipeline for your needs

And when data is accessible, that's when 
we truly shine. Using AI and statistical analysis, we are experts at identifying the root cause of your profit-eating quality deviations.

Who we are & why we do it

We're an early stage startup.
With us, you don't get corporate structure, 50 pages contracts and 20 men teams. No.

You get close proximity, personalized service and incredible flexibility.

In return, we ask for one thing that is very dear to us:

That you believe, just as we do, in our quest to build the best manufacturing intelligence platform for electronics.

We've been working together for the past 3 years and grew tired of seeing the same problems being solved by homegrown solutions at every electronics company, only for these solutions to rot and die as engineers come and go.

Are you ready to truly understand your production line and share our quest ?



We're an early stage startup

Proud Early-Adopter


We greatly appreciate the expertise they bring, both concerning data engineering and automated testbenches. 

Working with TackV is an investment that fits in our agile transformation and supports our needs for maintaining quality and reliability while growing.

- David Levesque, Product HW Development Director at Icentia 

Our Partners


Still uncertain?

Our blog contains interesting information and news concerning TackV and manufacturing tests in general:

TackV enables intelligence for electronics-manufacturing companies.

Our aim is to facilitate access and understanding of the production line information by all stakeholders, leading to increased velocity and reduced costs linked to quality control and operations optimization.

From Quebec City, Canada.

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