Data analytics solutions for electronics manufacturers

The missing piece in your journey towards

being a data-driven company

Automation and consolidation of your data sources

Creation of automated business reports, dashboards and KPIs

Data governance and privileged data protection

Our services

Are your data sources all over the place ? Excel files, text files, custom databases, ERP, ...

Consolidating this data opens a world of possible insights into how your business operates.

Do you constantly have to manually gather data through SQL queries and copy-paste ?

Automating data sources in a central location allows reports to be created once and update in near real-time.

These pains disappear when we consolidate your DATA SOURCES

Our services

Automation and consolidation of your data sources


We incrementally connect your most important data sources to a central data warehouse

We automate the synchronization process between source and replicated data

Using the best tools for the job, we setup YOUR infrastructure so that your automated processes are easy to monitor, maintain and update.

We transform your data into intelligence
 so that you may better use your time.

We can help you if:

You manufacture electronic systems or sub-assemblies

You have an active production line generating data (but it is hard to access)

You wish to take your manufacturing to a next level to sustain growth or promote agility

But not if:

You manufacture electronic semiconductors or non-electronic systems

You are developing a yet-to-be-active production line

Are you developing an automated testbench ? We can help.

You are happy with your manufacturing process and data accessibility (or lack of)

If you fit, read on !

What we do

Broadly speaking, we are an data engineering & analytics agency; albeit with one strong caveat: we strongly specialize in electronics data. In fact, we only help companies that manufacture electronics, but it sometimes happen we help with data engineering in other aspects of the company.

Once integrated, we constantly transform your electronics manufacturing data into our own format on which our statistical and artificial intelligence algorithms can run.

Your Data


Verification Tests

Can be any quality check with a PASS/FAIL outcome.

  • Includes sub steps, durations and device & station ID

  • Includes measures


Production Steps

Can be any production event that can be associated with one or more unit.

  • Examples include assembly, delivery, reception, RMA

  • Includes device & station ID


Other Data

Any other data source useful to your automation effort.

  • Financial/ Sales data

  • Timesheets

  • Anything in a database

Our Models


Data Warehouse

Contains your data in a standardized, accessible and easily queriable format using Google's BigQuery.

Dashboards and Reports

Highlight: Production Yields

Fully interactive dashboard of production yields and most common defects of a multi-stage production lifecycle. Separated in three major production stages: Board Testing, System Assembly and System Testing

+ Any other dashboard or report, as needed

How we do it

Our offer includes both our proprietary algorithms and a personalized service to integrate your data to our ecosystem. We say "our", but in fact, we deploy the data pipeline to your very own Google Cloud Platform project. This means very limited lock-in with our software and your engineering team can freely control how to expand your pipeline.

When we work with you, your data is integrated and transformed, your data analytics stack is setup and custom and proprietary pipelines are connected to your data.

Our existing models, algorithms and visualizations


Custom Models

Custom Pipeline

Live Data Integration

Custom-built pipeline for your needs

And when data is accessible, that's when 
we truly shine. Using AI and statistical analysis, we are experts at creating dashboards and reports that truly answer your business needs.

Who we are & why we do it

We're a startup.
With us, you don't get corporate structure, 50 pages contracts and 20 men teams. No.

You get close proximity, personalized service and incredible flexibility.

In return, we ask for one thing that is very dear to us:

That you believe, just as we do, in our vision to build the best manufacturing intelligence platform for electronics.

We've been working together for the past 3 years and grew tired of seeing the same problems being solved by homegrown solutions at every electronics company, only for these solutions to rot and die as engineers come and go. Leave it to us to build an independent solution so that you may focus on what really matters most: manufacturing quality electronics.

Are you ready to truly understand your production line and share our vision ?







We greatly appreciate the expertise they bring, both concerning data engineering and automated testbenches. 

Working with TackV is an investment that fits in our agile transformation and supports our needs for maintaining quality and reliability while growing.

- David Levesque, Product HW Development Director at Icentia 

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